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What is Pelvic Yoga™?

Are you interested in trying Pelvic Yoga™? If you are dealing with pelvic floor pain and need support with pelvic floor rehabilitation, Pelvic Yoga™ can be a supportive resource. Pelvic Yoga™ offers an integrated exercise program that combines yoga with pelvic floor exercise, and ends with overall and pelvic floor relaxation exercises. See what the Read more »

Pelvic Yoga the Book: An Interview with Dr. Bonura

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An Interview with Dr. Bonura. Now available on BooksGoSocial. Brief excerpt: Yoga and mindfulness don’t come easily – I have to work to manage my stress and apply my techniques in my own life. I think that’s helpful as a writer and instructor – because I can approach yoga and meditation with a beginner’s mind, Read more »

Yoga for Pelvic Health from YogaUOnline

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Pelvic Floor health is necessary for overall health balance, for maintaining urinary and bowel continence, and for sexual health and well-being. You can strengthen the pelvic floor through pelvic floor exercise. Integrating pelvic floor exercise into a comprehensive yoga program offers further support. View this great resource on pelvic floor health and yoga, from YogaUOnline. Read more »

Pelvic Yoga Exercise: Squat with Pelvic Floor Exercise

pelvic yoga squat

Squatting is helpful for developing pelvic strength and control. In cultures where people regularly squat, they have stronger legs and healthier bowels. Squatting provides lower back support, massages abdominal muscles and organs, facilitates circulation, and prevents constipation.

Pelvic Floor Relaxation: Legs up the Wall Pose

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The pelvic floor tends to hold residual tension on a regular basis. This residual tension prevents you from relaxing the pelvic muscles, which makes them more prone to fatigue. When your pelvic muscles are fatigued, you are more likely to experience problems with incontinence. When pelvic muscles are “too tired,” it becomes difficult to hold Read more »

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Cat-Cow Contract-Release

Yoga Cat Pose

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Cat-Cow Contract-Release Because your pelvis tilts as you lift back and forth, the Cat-Cow pose is an effective posture to flow with Contract-Releases. Cat-Cow is good for opening up the bones of the pelvis and loosening tightness in the pelvic region. In the Cat-Cow pose, the shoulders roll back and the chest Read more »

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Instructions for Men

Pelvic Floor Health is an issue of importance to both men and women. Men can experience issue of both urinary and fecal incontinence due to age, injury, or prostate-related health conditions. Men dealing with pelvic floor issues should consult a urologist and may find that physical therapy and regular pelvic floor exercise can help improve Read more »