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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: Find a Therapist

Pelvic Yoga

If you are dealing with incontinence or other issues related to the pelvic floor, a good physical therapist can be a vital part of your recovery. Learning to find and isolate your pelvic floor is challenging, and working with a physical therapist trained in pelvic floor health can help to ensure that the time and Read more »

Pelvic Floor Relaxation: Pelvic Floor Relaxation in Corpse Pose

Pelvic Floor Relaxation Corpse Pose

The pelvic floor tends to hold residual tension on a regular basis. This residual tension prevents you from relaxing the pelvic muscles, which makes them more prone to fatigue. When your pelvic muscles are fatigued, you are more likely to experience problems with incontinence. When pelvic muscles are “too tired,” it becomes difficult to hold Read more »

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Elevator

Pelvic Floor Contraction: Elevators The Elevator is another variation on Pelvic Floor Contraction. This is a great way to further challenge yourself and build Pelvic Floor Strength. Imagine your pelvis has four floors. To begin: • Contract, pulling your pelvic muscles up gently to floor one. This is a very minimal level of pelvic floor Read more »

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Long Holds

Pelvic Floor Contractions: Long Holds If Quick-Flicks are a Pelvic Floor Sprint, then Long Holds are a Pelvic Floor Marathon. Long Holds are the most important exercise for building and maintaining pelvic floor strength. To perform this exercise: • Tighten your pelvic floor, pulling up and in. • Hold for at least eight to ten Read more »

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Quick-Flicks

Once you’ve learned how to isolate your pelvic floor muscles and do a basic pelvic floor contraction, it’s helpful to learn some additional exercises. These variations on the pelvic floor contraction are a great way to build pelvic floor strength and endurance. One variation on pelvic floor contraction is the Quick-Flick. Quick-Flicks are like a Read more »

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Instructions for Women

Pelvic Floor contractions, often called Kegels, can be very helpful for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. The challenge is figuring out what you are actually doing and how to actually contract the muscle. Here are some guidelines to get you started: In women, the muscles isolated in pelvic floor exercises are shaped like Read more »

What is the Pelvic Floor?

Your pelvic floor is a “hammock” of several muscles, connected down the midline, extending from the base of your spine to the base of your pubic bone. These muscles help stop the flow of urine, suppress gas, and permit women to tighten the vagina. These interconnected muscles work together as a unit, with some muscles Read more »