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Pelvic Floor Exercise: Cat-Cow Contract-Release

Yoga Cat Pose

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Cat-Cow Contract-Release

Because your pelvis tilts as you lift back and forth, the Cat-Cow pose is an effective posture to flow with Contract-Releases. Cat-Cow is good for opening up the bones of the pelvis and loosening tightness in the pelvic region. In the Cat-Cow pose, the shoulders roll back and the chest pulls through the upper arms, lifting. This stretches open the chest, counteracting tightness across the middle back, and improving the posture.

Yoga Cat Pose                                  Yoga Cow Pose

To perform the Cat-Cow Pose Contract-Release:

• Get on your hands and knees.
• Align your knees directly under your hips. Align to your actual hipbone, not the width of your hips based on spreading. The tops of your feet should be flat against the floor.
• Align your hands directly under your shoulders. Your middle fingers should be pointing forward with your thumbs facing each other. Press your weight evenly into the entire palm of the hand. Do not cup your palm because that places too much weight on your wrist.
• Your back and neck should be relaxed and comfortable.
• Exhaling, drop your chin into your neck while arching your spine like a cat. Contract your pelvic floor. Hold.
• Inhaling, lift your chin, lengthen your neck, and look at the ceiling while dropping your back down into the swayback position of a cow. Feel the bones of your pelvis spread open gently as you release the pelvic floor contraction. Rest.
• Repeat ten times.