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Pelvic Floor Exercise: Long Holds

Pelvic Floor Contractions: Long Holds
If Quick-Flicks are a Pelvic Floor Sprint, then Long Holds are a Pelvic Floor Marathon. Long Holds are the most important exercise for building and maintaining pelvic floor strength.

To perform this exercise:
• Tighten your pelvic floor, pulling up and in.
• Hold for at least eight to ten seconds.
• Relax completely. Rest eight to ten seconds.

In the beginning, Long Holds are difficult. Your pelvic floor muscles will weaken at approximately three seconds, six seconds, and nine seconds. As you feel your pelvic contraction start to drop, “re-grab” it and pull the muscles up and in. Slowly develop the endurance to hold Long Holds, which are the marathon of pelvic floor exercise.
Work up to ten times per session, three times per day.