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Pelvic Floor Exercise: Quick-Flicks

Once you’ve learned how to isolate your pelvic floor muscles and do a basic pelvic floor contraction, it’s helpful to learn some additional exercises. These variations on the pelvic floor contraction are a great way to build pelvic floor strength and endurance.

One variation on pelvic floor contraction is the Quick-Flick.

Quick-Flicks are like a pelvic floor sprint. Generally, the body holds onto residuals of muscle tension, which are hard to release, so Quick-Flicks can be hard to learn. It’s worth your time and practice, because learning to move the pelvic floor in the rapid motion of the Quick-Flick helps to fine-tune your pelvic muscular control. Quick-Flicks are also a great exercise to put into practice for bladder control – if you feel like you have to urinate and need a few minutes to find a bathroom, doing 3 Quick-Flicks can help temporarily stop the urgent feeling that you have to urinate.

To do a Quick-Flick:
• Tighten your pelvic floor, pulling up and in.
• Hold for only one second.
• Quickly release, relaxing completely. Rest one to two seconds.
• Repeat ten times.
Complete one to three sets of ten, per day.