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Pelvic Floor Relaxation: Pelvic Floor Relaxation in Corpse Pose

Pelvic Floor Relaxation Corpse Pose

The pelvic floor tends to hold residual tension on a regular basis. This residual tension prevents you from relaxing the pelvic muscles, which makes them more prone to fatigue. When your pelvic muscles are fatigued, you are more likely to experience problems with incontinence. When pelvic muscles are “too tired,” it becomes difficult to hold the urethral sphincter closed, and urine can leak. Therefore, it is very important to practice pelvic relaxation, learning to completely release the pelvic floor.

Whenever you exercise or perform strengthening exercises, your body needs an equal amount of relaxation. It is also during this rest that your body heals. Without the rest portion, pelvic floor exercise is ineffective.

A beginner exercise for pelvic floor relaxation is a simple pelvic floor meditation while in yoga corpse pose.

Pelvic Floor Relaxation Corpse Pose

• Lie down on the floor or on a bed, in a comfortable position. You may want a pillow under your head and under your knees to feel truly relaxed.
• Place your hands in the groin area, feeling your pelvic muscles. Learn to feel this area while you are completely relaxed—no tension, no pressure, and no contraction whatsoever.
• Focus your concentration on the pelvic region of your body, feeling the energy of your hands healing and soothing your pelvic floor.
• Breathe rhythmically and calmly, clearing your mind and body of tension.
• Relax for fifteen minutes. Set a timer so that you can allow yourself to completely soften both mind and body. It’s okay if you fall asleep!