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Pelvic Yoga Exercise: Squat with Pelvic Floor Exercise

pelvic yoga squat

Squatting is helpful for developing pelvic strength and control. In cultures where people regularly squat, they have stronger legs and healthier bowels. Squatting provides lower back support, massages abdominal muscles and organs, facilitates circulation, and prevents constipation.

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Cat-Cow Contract-Release

Yoga Cat Pose

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Cat-Cow Contract-Release Because your pelvis tilts as you lift back and forth, the Cat-Cow pose is an effective posture to flow with Contract-Releases. Cat-Cow is good for opening up the bones of the pelvis and loosening tightness in the pelvic region. In the Cat-Cow pose, the shoulders roll back and the chest Read more »