Pelvic Yoga Leaderboard

Marcy Ouellette, MD, Preventive Medicine Specialist

“In her book, Pelvic Yoga, Kimberlee does what few others do: she offers the reader an attainable, yet radically different approach for observing and transforming themselves, their lives, and the health situations they create. In a scholarly yet easy to understand method, Kimberlee guides us to greater awareness of an area of our bodies commonly misunderstood, poorly understood, held secretive, surrounded in myth, neglected, and often associated with guilt and shame. Through her comprehensive study of this subject, personally and professionally, and the development of her disciplined pelvic practice, she provides us with a new and exciting opportunity to achieve optimal pelvic health. Bottom line … the book is wonderful, it is necessary for people, and will enable them to transform their lives.”

– Marcy Ouellette, MD, Preventive Medicine Specialist

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